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Remy Hair Extensions West Palm Beach


 Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our West Palm Beach hair extensions clients.

remy hair extensions west palm beachWhat are hair extensions?
Extensions are a way of adding hair to your existing hair to enhance length, volume, color and style. At In Style Hair Salon in West Palm Beach, we use 100% human Remy Indian hair.  A large variety of colors, lengths and styles are available.  We never use any synthetic , animal or mixed hair.  All of the hair used for our extensions is of the highest quality and has been created from hair that has been carefully selected to ensure gorgeous style and long-lasting results. 

Will there be shedding?
Our hair extensions are designed to have very limited shedding. We use a very strong bonding method, but even so, hair will naturally shed (on average, 100 hairs per day) so you will see some natural shedding, similar to what occurs with your own hair.


How are extensions applied?
There are various methods used to apply them including fusion in which the hair is applied strand-by-strand, and micro-link in which the hair is attached with tiny micro-links cylinder rings.  Both methods of attachment are safe and comfortable for your hair.  

What is Remy hair?
Remy is considered the highest quality because the cuticles are in-tact and are running in the same direction as your own natural hair. The cuticles protect your hair and so it is important that they remain intact to prevent damage and tangling or matting. Furthermore, this enables the hair to last much longer.


west palm beach hair extensions


What lengths are available?
Lengths up to  18” and 22” - 24” are available. 

What colors are available?
Indian hair is a natural dark brown/black. We offer this natural color and 40+ colors that include combination colors and fantasy colors.

How are hair extensions colored?
As noted above, all Indian hair is a natural dark brown/black color. Because this color inherently maintains all of the colors, our coloring process involves a careful de-colorization process. This process involves gently lifting the natural color from the hair in order to create our different colors. For our Fantasy Colors, these cannot be naturally produced and are created using a special high quality dye.

How long do hair extensions last?
The longevity of hair extensions is based on the care provided by the individual. Usually, hair extensions last 3-6 months, although we have hair salon clients who have worn their extensions for much longer.  It is important to return to our hair salon on an on-going basis to evaluate the status of the extensions, to adjust the hair as necessary to account for growth, etc. Indian hair is much more durable than other types of hair because it has not been chemically treated and so it does not have inherent damage. Also, human hair lasts significantly longer than synthetic or mixed hair.

Can I color the hair?
Yes, you can color your hair, although it is recommended that this only be done with the darker colors. If coloring is performed, we recommend that you visit our hair salon for a professional color application to ensure the best results. 

Can I comb/brush my hair?
Absolutely. You are able to comb and brush your hair as you would your own hair. We suggest using a wide-toothed comb or brushes specifically designed for extensions. When brushing or combing, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part steady to keep it from shedding or stretching. Do not use hard brush strokes.


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